Saturday, October 11, 2008

A short update

Here's some pictures of our little guys taken somewhat recently. Luke in his new bumbo and Cody having some fun in the tub. Luke and Clint are still in China and Luke is scheduled for 2 spinal treatments next week on top of his physical therapy. Sounds like they were able to get out this weekend and see some sites.

Cody and I are hanging in there. We went to the pumpkin festival and had a great time. He enjoyed seeing all the tractors!!! As much as I miss Clint and Luke, I've also really been enjoying some time with just Cody, especially before the babies come. That's all for now, I'm pretty tired and need to go to bed!!

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Anonymous said...


I read your story in the Missourian. We also have a child with CP - and did not save the cord blood. I look forward to updates on Luke. Thanks for sharing - and I hope all is going well. Amy

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